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Hi. I am Tirza

a.k.a. Hooked Arty Crafter

I am a

Hooked Arty Crafter, finding inspiration from other designers
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This is the home of Hooked Arty Crafter, where I am building my little nook on the Internet.
Here I plan to collect things that inspire me, and – I hope – will inspire you to.


I love yarn. All things yarn. I will be dedicating some time and space to it.
You will find that space, here.

Hooked Arty Crafter Designs

This is the goal, the plan, the future (for now).
I am working hard at learning and designing and practicing and soaking up all the knowledge.
All this so I can publish my own patterns. On here!


My first love. I learned the basics a long time ago, but never knew what I could do.
Now that I’m learning more, every day I am discovering something new and the love grows.
Knitting for the win!


My second love – I’m talking serious love, too. Both for regular crochet and for Tunisian crochet.
In 2020 I designed a huge Temperature Blanket, using Tunisian crochet.
Also: I love combining these two or three (knitting, crochet, Tunisian crochet).

DIY Houses

Another love. It is fun to unwind every now and then with a bit of tiny-dollhouse-building.
I made a few DIY houses and there are a couple still waiting for me to return to them. Check ’em out!

Hooked Arty Crafter Blog

Read all about my yarny adventures in the blog below. I will be writing about designs by other designers that I have on my hooks or needles. Also, I will give an occasional yarn review or book recommendation. Of course, my main focus will become my own patterns. So, keep your eyes peeled, if you’re interested. You can also follow me on Pinterest or Instagram to get the real-time scoop.

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