Three C’s About Me

So, what can I tell you about me? My name is Tirza. I’m somewhere in my 30’s and I live with my husband and two daughters in The Netherlands. (Amsterdam, ya know …  the only difference is, I live in the much quieter northeastern part of the country. That’s about two hours from our country’s capital.)

about me - I have two girls
No Paparazzi

My husband’s name is Mark. Together we have two girls, called Esmee and Nina. They’re cute and still so little they need a lot of attention. The eldest is 3 years old; the youngest 1 and a half! Obviously, this means that -for now- most of my time is dedicated to them. Turning Hooked Arty Crafter and this website into something great, is what I really want to do. However, I will probably have to do it in between working (, doing lots of loads of laundry and play time. So, quite slowly.

My website will reflect (a couple of) my passions, including knitting and crocheting.


Way back when, possibly in my preteens or even childhood, I learned to knit from my Oma (grandmother!) and Mom. Whenever autumn came around the corner I’d get this yearning for yarn and I’d start knitting—a scarf most of the time. And by the time winter was over I would have finished yet another scarf I couldn’t wear anymore, because by then it was too hot outside. Every year this would repeat.


Creating a Temperature Blanket
Temperature Blanket

Back in the day, I guess I sorta lacked the confidence to try my hand at more than scarfs. Then around my 30th birthday I suddenly discovered crochet and started making all kinds of things. Think amigurumi’s, blankets and even wearables, like sweaters and cardigans.


At some point I’m hoping my newfound confidence will help me create and design my own knit and crochet items—or should I say create more confidently. For I have dipped my toe in the designing pool and  have created a couple of pieces myself, which I will show you on this site. (Again, at some point, because as with many projects on my hooks ‘n needles, this website is a WIP.)

P.S. Don’t ask me why I went with C’s.

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Pictured above is the Sensum Sweater by ElevenHandmade or Linda Skuja. Find her on Instagram @elevenhandmade.
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