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Temperature Blanket 2020

Temperature Blanket 2020

First off, this blog post is wayyy overdue! My plan was to give a progress update on my Temperature Blanket 2020: half way through the project. (So, end of June/start of July.) Obviously, seeing as it is now November 30, I didn’t. Anywho, here it is, the progress update. With pictures ánd video. Read More

1DogWoof’s Zoodiacs Blanket

Yarn for Zoodiacs Blanket by 1DogWoof

Here you can read all about the time I made 1DogWoof’s Zoodiacs Blanket. It was really fun!

Year Round Project 2019: 1DogWoof’s Zoodiacs Blanket

So, something exciting was born early 2019: the idea to start a new tradition. A large project that would take a year to finish …

One day I came across a very cool corner to corner crochet blanket design, called the Zoodiacs C2C Crochet Afghan, by 1DogWoof.

A lot of planning and calculating went into finding the right amount of yarn in colours matching 1DogWoof’s design. A table, a cappuccino, a notebook and a nearby yarn store. Lots of anticipated joy. That’s how it started, my first Year Round Project, or YRP. Read More

Year Round Project Around the Corner

I’m getting very excited: the Holidays are here and the New Year is around the corner. Time for a (second!) Year Round Project! I’ve got something good planned and I can’t wait to get started. In preparation I’ve already been taking notes and buying new yarn and new tools. And to be honest, that’s always a very good, if not the best, part of starting a new project: buying squishy yarn and shiny hooks. Read More

Crochet Baby Blanket Squares

Crochet Baby Blanket Squares

My first ever blanket was a Crochet Baby Blanket with Squares for my baby girl. Check it out!

When Inspiration Strikes

Inspiration struck when my husband and I started our ‘baby journey’. And in this case inspiration meant the need to crochet something baby related that my kid could cherish even later in life. The actual design of this beauty is not my own, but I found a YouTube video by Veronika Hug. In the video she explains how to crochet this baby blanket step by step. Read More

Crochet Baby Hearts Blanket


The Crochet Baby Hearts Blanket was a gift. One fine day my sister-in-law asked me to design a baby blanket for her. We decided on colours and hearts and I got to work designing. I guess you could say this is one of my very first, very own blanket designs and I am pretty pleased with how it turned out! Read More