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It was the year 2017 when I first discovered Tunisian Crochet. I wanted to make a baby blanket for my first born (who was still gestating inside my growing tummy). So, for this project there was a set goal, and a little pressure to finish by the deadline. Turns out my daughter came two weeks past the due date and I would’ve had lots and lots of time to finish the blanket. But that’s another story. We are here to talk about Tunisian Crochet.

Tunisian Crochet Discoveries Were Made

When searching for a pattern for a baby blanket, I discovered a great YouTube video in which an Entrelac Baby Blanket was explained. The blanket consists of small Tunisian crochet squares, diagonally attached to one another. You can read about it in the dedicated blog post. The great thing about that particular blanket design, is the fact that you can use a regular crochet hook.

Tunisian crochet, therefore, doesn’t always require special hooks. Great, because I wanted to start quickly and already had regular crochet hooks lying around. If you want to start slow and simple, start with tiny squares on your regular hook. That’s what I did, anyway. Eventually, I did venture out and bought a set of interchangeable Tunisian crochet hooks by KnitPro. These were for my 2020 Temperature Blanket.

Ideas Were Born

So, I finished one baby blanket using Tunisian crochet, and then a year or two later, another. Now both my daughters have their own blanket. After those blankets, I wanted a new project using my awesome new skill. This time it would have to be for a personal design. One day I came across an Instagram post about a Temperature Blanket, which sparked my interest. I decided it would be a great idea to use my newly acquired Tunisian crochet skills to design a Temperature Blanket of my own.

Look at my 2020 Temperature Blanket on YouTube.

Tunisian Crochet Books Were Bought

While scrolling through Instagram for inspiration, I stumbled upon a recommendation of a great book, with a complete workshop. Naturally, I had to try this book for myself. Luckily, the Holidays were around the corner, which meant … presents! Mine was, yup, you guessed it … Tunisian Crochet Workshop, by Michelle Robinson.

Tools Were Ordered

For what I was planning to make (a pretty big blanket, or afghan is more like it!) I needed the right tools. While my regular crochet hooks were enough for the small squares of the two baby blankets, that wasn’t gonna cut it this time. So, I started searching for the right hooks. One of the differences between regular crochet hooks and ones of the Tunisian variety, is their length. The Tunisian hooks are longer.

You can find long hooks and interchangeable hooks with cables. And two sided hooks, but I haven’t tried those myself. I bought a KnitPro hook set, with 8 different sized hooks and cables and three larger hooks, sperately.

Tunisian Crochet Temperature Blanket January

2020 Temperature Blanket

You can read more about my 2020 Temperature Blanket in a separate blog post. And as written before, on my YouTube channel I also show the blanket (though still unfinished at that time).

If you would like me to write up a pattern, drop me a request by leaving a comment, or sending an e-mail or dm on Instagram, for example.

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