Dated: May 15, 2021 — Please note this disclaimer applies to any and all relevant posts.

No Sponsors, No Paid Content

If and when Hooked Arty Crafter is being sponsored by any third party, this will be disclosed in the relevant page, blog post and/or Social Media post.

Designers and Patterns

The designers whose work I admire and whose patterns I make, have not asked me to advertise for them. When I mention anyone on my website, it is because I bought their patterns myself. Or used their free patterns which they have published on their respective websites.

Yarn Brands

When I talk about yarn brands, review different types of yarn or show pictures of the beautiful yarn I used for my projects, I do so on my own. I am not sponsored by third parties or yarn brands, unless otherwise specified.

Knitting or Crochet Related Books

In case I review any crochet or knitting related books, I was not asked to do so by any third party. When I mention a book I used, I do so because the book in question has been helpful to me when desiging or making an existing pattern.

Crochet Hooks or Knitting Needles

If I review crochet hooks or knitting needles, I have not been asked to do so. Any reviews on handy crochet or knitting tools, I have done on my own. However, if and when there is a third party involved, I will specify this in the relevant post.

DIY Houses Disclaimer

The DIY Houses I review on my website have not been gifted to me. I bought any and all DIY house on my own, unless otherwise specified.

DIY Tools

All DIY Tools I used, I bought myself. There was no third party involved. Also, no craft store I mention on my website has gifted any tools.

Advertisements on Website

If and when you find advertisements on this website, this article will come into effect.


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