Here is an overview of the DIY houses I have finished over time. Currently, I am working on another one. It will, however, take me some time to finish that one! Until then, check out the DIY houses I did finish.

DIY houses - Cathys Flower House Finished - Robotime

Cathy’s Flower House

DIY house number 3 was one by Robotime. My first experience with Robotime was very positive! This DIY house, Cathy’s Flower House was a delight to make. You can read all about it on my page about Cathy’s Flower House.

Check out Cathy’s Flower House

Holiday Times Finished - Cute RoomHoliday Times

I decided to make a holiday themed DIY house right before the holidays. It was fun to make and even more fun to display on a shelf during the festivities. This Cute Room – American Retro Style house was, once again, worth the effort. It’s called Holiday Times, go check it out!

Check out Holiday Times

DIY houses - Forest Times Finished - Cute RoomForest Times

My first ever attempt at a DIY dollhouse, was Forest Times, by Cute Room, from a series called American Retro Style. I ordered this box of goodness in China, through AliExpress and it delivered! The instructions were in English (sometimes more Chinenglish or Chinglish if you will). But there were pictures and it was easy enough to follow.

Check out Forest Times

DIY Houses on YouTube

On my YouTube Channel you will find (at least one) video of a finished dollhouse. Check out my Christmas Dollhouse Video!

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