Finished Cathy's Flower HouseFor my third DIY dollhouse project I chose Cathy’s Flower House by Robotime. It was challenging at times, but the result is stunning – eventhough at some point I made a pretty big mistake. More on that later.

A lot of time went into this beauty, but as I said before, with great results.

So. Many. Flowers.

Surprise, surprise: you have to make a lot of flowers and plants. This takes up most of your time, but what’s a flower house without flowers, right? All those flowers makes this miniature flower house look like the real deal.

Starting a Project

It’s always exciting to start a new project. This is also true for building DIY houses. I had never tried a Robotime DIY house, but I wasn’t disappointed. I ordered mine on AliExpress and it was delivered a few short weeks later. This kit looked really professional. It includes an extensive instruction manual with coloured step-by-step pictures to guide you. I don’t remember exactly, but I think only the batteries weren’t included (probably because it wouldn’t have made it through Customs).

Setting Up to Make Cathy’s Flower House

Cathy's Flower House instructions

When building a Do-It-Yourself House you need a lot of stuff. Or maybe you don’t actually “need” it, but stuff does make things easier. On my Tools page I will take you through some of my favorite tools.

You save a lot of time when you have everything you need on hand. That’s why before I start I always get my tool kit or my little blue suitcase with all my scissors, cutters, tongs, pincers — you name it. When I decided to pick up this new hobby I started small, with just the basics. But soon thereafter (I kinda fell in love with building tiny DIY houses) I bought all kinds of handy stuff to aid my new found passion.

Oops … Wrong Side

So, very early on I made a mistake that I only discovered when assembling Cathy’s Flower House at the very end. Luckily I had some stuff lying around the house that I could use to try and fix it. And now, if you don’t know it’s there, you can’t even see it.

Cathy's Flower House

What I did wrong was, apparently I glued the floor the wrong way, so the walls didn’t fit properly, which made the floor tilt. Anyway, it’s barely noticeable.

How I fixed it

I ended up using some pieces of cork coasters to kinda level the floor so the walls and floor connected better. I cut a couple of small pieces of the cork, glued them together and glued them underneath the floor.

So many details

I was amazed by the amount of stuff I found in the Robotime DIY box. All the materials, the step-by-step user guide and even the possibilty to install a working light.

Video of Cathy’s Flower House

View a video of Cathy’s Flower House below, or on YouTube.

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