Finished Forest TimesMay I present to you … my first ever attempt to build a Do-It-Yourself Dollhouse! It’s called Forest Times, by the brand Cute Room. It’s part of a three part series, called American Retro Style. The other two houses in the same series are Holiday Times and Happy Times. As you can see on the dedicated page, I also did Holiday Times.

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Getting Started

A good way to start something you’ve never done, would probably be by reading someone else’s instructions, or by taking some time to prepare. Well, I just dove in, head first. I think I did buy some handy tools, however, which you can read all about on my Tools page.

I’m not sure how this new hobby started, but I do remember when it started. I was pregnant with my first baby and I had some extra time on hand. We then somehow came across these cute little DIY houses online (on AliExpress, no less). And before I knew it we ordered one. Thus began a new passion/obsession.

Forest Times instructions
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Special Delivery

I still don’t understand how they do it, but this package ordered online was delivered within a few short weeks. And when I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised. A not so big box was packaged in a somewhat larger package. Inside the DIY box was an instruction manual, written in English, and all the parts to build the cozy house pictured. It included a white dog, that can water the plants on the patio.

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Hello New Hobby

So, when I was on maternity leave and after the baby (girl) was born I had some spare time … and so my new hobby began. The instructions were easy to follow and with a lot of precision work I saw this DIY house come together, piece by piece. It took a while to finish the whole thing, but it turned out great. I even installed the (working!) lights, which makes this Forest Times house by Cute Room look so cozy at night!

Of course as soon as I finished this one, or maybe even before I completely finished it, I ordered another one, Holiday Times. Read all about it on the Holiday Times page or immediately jump to YouTube to watch a video of my Christmas display.

View Some Pictures

Below you can find some photos of the finished house, as well as a few work-in-progress shots. Enjoy!
And if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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