Holiday Times

I started this beauty a few weeks before the holidays, so it could be part of our Christmas decorations. This Cute Room DIY house was really fun to make and the result is very cozy. There’s no less than THREE working light fixtures in (and around) this holiday house: a chandelier, a golden candelabra and … a Christmas tree!

In front of the house there’s also a snowman, how cool is that?! Part of the holiday charm of this DIY dollhouse is a turkey, a piano playing pet and a Christmas wreath.

All kinds of wired …

So Many Fun Aspects in Holiday Times

As written above, Holiday Times has a lot of fun aspects. Besides a plaid couch and a hearth, there is a Christmas wreath and a Christmas tree, a turkey on the coffee table and candy canes in a green cabinet. There’s also lights on the ceiling and a three arm candelabra on the coffee table, as well as outside on the patio, lighting up the Christmas tree. The wires go under the floor, along the side of the house and underneath the roof, so you hardly see them.

The wires

Piano Playing Pet

Oh right, did I mention the dog playing the piano? In my first Cute Room DIY house, Forest Times, there was also a dog – watering plants. And in Cute Room’s Holiday Times the dog is back again, playing some Christmas tunes on a standing piano.


More Photos of the WIP and Finished Project

In case you’re interested in seeing more of this DIY house, click on the photos below. Or even watch a short video seeing the Holiday House in all its glory, as displayed on a shelf in our bookcase.

Or Watch a Video of Our Christmas Display (a Holiday Times Video is also available on YouTube)

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