This page is dedicated to DIY tools used for making tiny DIY dollhouses.

The Best DIY Tools (imo)

As far as my expertise goes, I’d say there are some DIY tools you just “have to have”. Certain tools will take your crafting to a whole new level. When I first started out I only had the basics, like glue and scissors. But it didn’t take me that long to make a trip to the craft and hobby store a few towns over. I entered with pockets full of cash and exited with bags full of tools. 😉

A couple of must have items, in my opinion, are:

tools in a toolbox
I like my tools organized in a convenient place.
  • Scissors (obviously), in differen sizes to cut small and big items
  • Tongs, to hold tiny stuff
  • Pliers
  • Stanley knife
  • Different types of glue (textile, all purpose, wood, transparent)
  • Tiny screw drivers
  • Wire cutters (also small)
  • Pins and needles, always come in handy
  • Clothespins or clamps to hold stuff, when the glue is drying

I’m sure I’m forgetting something or some things in the above list, but hey, you could always shoot me a message with your own recommendations! For example, through my Contact page.

Your Workspace

A clean workspace works best.

Among your tools you could probably use a hobby mat or cutting mat. I use it to work on. It is great for cutting stuff on, obviously, but you can also use it for measuring and for keeping your table clean, too. A good working lamp is also a must. Especially when you’re crafting at night (or in your attic, like me). 😉

In my workspace I also have a small bowl or garbage bin for all the excess paper, fabrics, et cetera you end up “creating”. During a crafting session I just stuff the stuff into the bowl, which I empty into the trash when I’m done. Keeping the workspace nice ‘n tidy.

Store Tools in a Toolbox

The best way to store your tools, is in a toolbox. I bought this cute little, roundish, suitcase type toolbox. It looks cute and it is really functional. There’s a few different sized storage layers and pockets and nooks. Most of my stuff fits in perfectly. Besides a box for my tools I also have a box with a lot of compartments in different sizes. In this box I store my finished items. That way I have everything safely put away in one place. Nothing get accidentally crushed or misplaced. My ongoing project is kept safe and will keep growing until I am ready to assemble the entire DIY house.

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Magnifying Lamp

magnifying lamp
Sometimes a magnifying lamp can be a real lifesaver.

You’ve probably seen this item in one of the photos above: the magnifying lamp. This handy tool can be a real lifesaver sometimes. There are these tiny items you can barely see, let alone attach the right parts together. So, in comes the magnifying lamp. Just hold the tiny to-be-crafted item underneath the magnifying glass with built-in lamp and your problem is solved.

Perhaps there are a few other handy DIY tools I forgot to mention. Do you have any favorite tools? Oh wait, what about a ruler or another measuring device? And don’t forget your Bluetooth speaker, to listen to some tunes while you craft the night away.

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