Inspiration … need I say more?

Inspiration …

Without inpiration what are you going to do? Being inspired helps fuel any design process, and that’s why I’m always looking for ways to be inspired. For example, by looking around me. At nature, at life, at … you name it. Or by listening to music.

One inspiring thing to crocheters & knitters is pretty obvious. Right?

… Found In Yarn

Well, insert your cheesy saying here: an image is worth a thousand words. But seriously, though, when you see yarn or feel it (or smell it?) you get instantly inspired, no? There are so many different types of yarn, so many colours and textures and what not.

inspiration in yarn

Inspiration Found in Other Designs and Designers

And yeah, I’ll also look to other designers who inspire others every day. On this page I will show projects by other designers I’m currently working on or ones I have finished. Browsing the pages Crochet or Knitting will (eventually) show you my own designs, but until then …

Sewrella’s Holiday Sweater KAL (2018)

Sewrellas Holiday Sweater KAL-14

In 2018 Sewrella hosted a Knit-A-Long (KAL) around the holidays that I just couldn’t resist participating in. It was actually the first knitted sweater I attempted and it turned out great! I’ve been a fan of Sewrella’s work for a while now and I’ve been following her over on Instagram (@sewrella). Did you know that she also dyes her own yarn on @sewrellayarn? She creates soms stunning colorways!

You can actually see photos of the progress I made. It was the first KAL I participated in, and it was really fun! Somehow joining a community of (new) knitters was very motivating to tackle and finish this project.

As soon as I had finished my red version of this sweater, I got requests by my mother and sister-in-law to also make them a sweater. A pink and a blue one. The pink sweater is finished and very well received, by the way!

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