Let met share my “photo journey” from the time I joined Sewrellas Holiday Sweater KAL, and knit my very first sweater – ever!

Do you want to read the story behind these pictures? You can! I wrote a little blog about this Knit-a-long.
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Scheepjes Roma Yarn for Sewrellas Holiday Sweater KAL

By the way, the yarn used for this knit sweater, is Scheepjes Roma. I believe the color is called either “donkerrood” or “wijnrood” in Dutch. Unfortunately, I only added this bit of information about 2 years after actually knitting the sweater. Therefore, I am a bit fuzzy on the details. I do remember where I bought the yarn, since it was sort of the first time I bought a “real brand” and I felt kinda nervous about it. But, since I was going to participate in a knit-a-long and was about to knit a serious sweater, I allowed myself the luxury. 😉

Biggest Craft Store in the Netherlands

Anyway, I bought the Scheepjes Roma yarn at the biggest craft store of the Netherlands, Stuifzand Allerhande. That is a great place to get lost, by the way. They have aisles and aisles of yarn – and lots of other crafting goodness. A while ago I took a different turn (within the store) and ended up in the aisle with all kinds of handy tools. And yes, I bought stuff. A lot of stuff. For my DIY houses and more yarn. Obviously. The yarn was for, among other things, my 1DogWoof’s Zoodiacs Blanket.

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