Knitting is great! Am I right?

As you may have read on the About Me page, I learned to knit a long time ago, when I was still in elementary school. However, I never thought I could actually knit a lot more than scarfs. Until fairly recently I discovered, I can! Check out my Inspiration page to see what projects by other designers I’ve been working on. At some point—I hope—I will publish my own knitting patterns on here.

Until then, look around, get inspired and also find me on other platforms:

Yay for Knitting

What I like so much about crocheting and knitting, is that you can just make so many things. You can let you imagination run wild, follow a pattern or wing it. Choose you colours or let someone else choose for you. The possibilities are endless.

Making All the Things

This knit you see below is a pattern called Heim Jacket by @DropsDesign. I used the yarn recommend, Drops Alpaca. It was so lovely to work with and it’s really soft. Something that was a bit challenging, is the fact Drops Alpaca is a thin thread, knit with 3mm/3,5mm needles.

Knitting Drops Design Heim Jacket Detail with logo

Hashtag Never Not Knitting

IF you happen to follow me on Instagram or maybe Pinterest, you may know I never don’t have a project on my needles. I simply love to knit. And crochet. And Tunisian crochet. Or talk about it, take pictures of it and … well, you get the drift.

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