Sewrellas Holiday Sweater KAL-14

A while back I joined Sewrella’s Holiday Sweater KAL (2018). You can read all about it here.

In 2018 Sewrella hosted a Knit-A-Long (KAL) around the holidays, that I just couldn’t resist participating in. It was actually my first attempt at a knitted sweater and it turned out great! I’ve been a fan of Sewrella’s work for a while now and I’ve been following her over on Instagram (@sewrella). It was fun to finally try one of her designs.

Pink Version of Sewrellas Holiday Sweater KAL

This KAL also happened to be her first Holiday Sweater KAL, so it was great to join in and see where Sewrella would lead us. There was a Facebook group for support and lots of video tutorials as well as a written pattern.

Picture Time

IF you’re interested, you can see photos of the progress I made. As mentioned before, this was the first KAL I participated in, and it was a bit daunting at first, but really fun! Somehow joining a community of (new) knitters was very motivating to tackle and finish this project.

Red, Pink and Blue Knit Sweaters

As soon as I had finished my red version of this sweater, I got requests from my mom and my sister-in-law to also make them a sweater. One in pink and one in blue. Pretty soon after finishing the red-and-white version, I cast on the pink sweater. Because of the fact you use pretty bulky yarn, the project is a quick one to finish. Oh, the pink one is very well received, by the way!

Sewrella’s Holiday Sweater KAL: so much fun I knit more than one!

Originally, I knit the red sweater for myself, but the sleeves were a bit too short for my taste, so I gave the sweater to my sister. My sister-in-law, on the other hand, is still waiting on her blue sweater, I’m afraid. But what can you do? There are so many other projects waiting to be finished (including a crochet baby blanket for said sister-in-law who got pregnant and will become a Mom in a few weeks – probably before I can even cast on one single stitch of the blue version of Sewrella’s Holiday Sweater). Oh, well …

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