Temperature Blanket 2020

First off, this blog post is wayyy overdue! My plan was to give a progress update on my Temperature Blanket 2020: half way through the project. (So, end of June/start of July.) Obviously, seeing as it is now November 30, I didn’t. Anywho, here it is, the progress update. With pictures ánd video.

What is a Temperature Blanket?

A temperature blanket is a piece of fabric created using crochet or knitting. The idea is to add something to it for every day of the year, during one year. You can choose your own colors, or follow the more traditional rainbow colors. There is no official stitch pattern. This means you are free to create whatever blanket you want. Even a round blanket or a very large afghan with uneven edges (like mine).

Who came up with the concept?

January Temperature BlanketI am not the one who came up with the idea of a Temperature Blanket. One day I was strolling around on the Internet and stumbled upon a lovely blanket. I believe it was by Toni Lipp, from @TLYarnCrafts. However, Toni is not the inventor of these large pieces of crocheted or knitted fabric. In fact, apparently the Internet wasn’t even a fan of the temp blanket anymore. Well, I am.

My Temperature Blanket 2020 Design

colorful temperature blanketFor my temperature blanket 2020, aka my year round project, I chose to use Tunisian Crochet. I started well before 2020 began with thinking of colors, choosing stitches and lots and lots of calculating, trying and measuring. It took a bit of time to figure out which form my now growing blanket would take. I decided on long stretches of fabric, representing each month. This I would then sew together by their white borders. Because not every month has the same amount of days, one of my borders will be uneven, as it were.

Progress Update!

In this post you can see several pictures of the finished pieces and maybe a video of the work-in-progress. I used a lot of colors to represent the different temperatures in my own location. If you’re interested I will post a chart of the colors I used. Let me know in a comment or connect to me on Instagram (@HookedArtyCrafter).

Here’s Hoping I’ll Finish

Right now I am way behind on schedule, because I am two days’ worth of stitches away from finishing July. (It’s November 30.) Of course, then I need to start and finish August, September, October and November and soon start December. After that I need to crochet a white border around each individual month and attach the months to the rest of the blanket. When I manage to do that, I also want to crochet a nice border around the entire thing, using regular crochet. I’m not there yet …

work in progress

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