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One other thing I love, is writing. Although you might have guessed when you read my lengthy blog posts and pages. I have been dreaming about writing for as long as I can remember. Whenever I was around office supplies, my hands would start to itch and my heart would skip a beat. Somehow, I always knew I wanted to work as a writer. I started out as a translator, working in a translation agency. Later I went out on my own. As translator first, then my focus switched to writer.

Tirza Schrijft (Writing Tirza)

(Only in Dutch, for now)

My job as a writer means I am a small business owner. Tirza Schrijft is my business. The translation of Tirza Schrijft, is Tirza Writes, by the way. A little while back I added Hooked Arty Crafter to the mix. For now TirzaSchrijft is in Dutch, but I may put on my translating hat and add English translations.

Check out my website: TirzaSchrijft.nl


(Only in Dutch, for now)

While hiking with my husband and kids and sort of being grouchy/complaining to my kids another idea was born. Thus MopperMoeder.nl came into being. (MopperMoeder means ‘grouchy Mom’ or something like that.) A website for parents to come and just ‘be’. To find each other and help each other, because sometimes (often?) being a parent can be quite challenging! As with TirzaSchrijft, the MopperMoeder website is only available in Dutch, for now. But I will provide English translations in the future.

Check out my website: MopperMoeder.nl

Writing My Blog

For more writing about my other favorite crafts, follow the blog! Here I talk about all kinds of craft related things, like yarn, knitting, crocheting and DIY dollhouses.

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