I’m getting very excited: the Holidays are here and the New Year is around the corner. Time for a (second!) Year Round Project! I’ve got something good planned and I can’t wait to get started. In preparation I’ve already been taking notes and buying new yarn and new tools. And to be honest, that’s always a very good, if not the best, part of starting a new project: buying squishy yarn and shiny hooks.

Learning New Things

new yarn for yarn year round projectI don’t know about you, but I like my new projects to be full of new things to learn. OK, on the other hand an easy breezy project with familiar stitches is also very nice. That’s why I have multiple projects on my crochet hooks (or knitting needles) at the same time. Anyway, back to my exciting NEW project. In 2019 I started something that may or may not become a yearly tradition: a Year Round Project, or “YRP”. And in 2020 I will do another one.

2019 was the year of my take on 1DogWoof’s Zoodiacs Blanket.

In my opinion the start of a new year is as good a time as any to learn something new. And with my new YRP (Year Round Project, remember?) I’m going to learn more about Tunisian Crochet. I even got a new book full of yummy stitches!

Buying Tools and Books

yarn and tool for year round project

A really fun part of learning something new with yarn is that you =need= (am I right?) shiny new tools and colourful books. On Instagram I saw someone recommending this book, called Tunisian Crochet Workshop (link to Amazon), which just looks so beautiful. With Christmas coming up I knew what I was going to ask Santa. -wink wink-

Luckily, Santa is a very good listener, so come Christmas morning I found a copy of Tunisian Crochet Workshop neatly wrapped underneath our Christmas tree.

Let me know if you’d like me to do a book review on Tunisian Crochet Workshop by Michelle Robinson!

Crochet Hooks!

The next step was finding the right hooks for my project. When crocheting my Baby Blanket with Squares (also tunisian crochet) I used a regular crochet hook. This was possible because I crocheted small squares which would fit fine on my hook. For my new project, however, regular crochet hooks won’t do. I will need a long Tunisian Crochet hook or a Tunisian Crochet hook with a cable attached. I chose a few seperate KnitPro Interchangeble Tunisian Crochet hooks and also a set:

I also ordered a couple of extra cables, because they always come in handy. For example, they are great for holding stitches when seperating for sleeves, when knitting a sweater or cardigan!

If you like I could do some hook reviews. Just drop me a comment below!

Learnig Tunisian Crochet

As stated above, for my new YRP I’m going to learn a new crochet technique: Tunisian Crochet. After perusing the book and trying out a few of the stitches on different sized hooks, I decided on a couple of stitches. Obviously, then came the moment to start practicing.

Swatching Away for My Year Round Project

year round project

I have been swatching with a few different hooks, trying out some stitches. Which yarn goes with which hook? What are the measurements of the swatch? How many stitches and how many rows will I need to get the desired finished project? These are all questions I have been playing with, waiting to get started.

Waiting for 2020 to Start My Year Round Project!

So, I am almost ready to reveal my new YRP. My current YRP is nearly finished, you can see and read all about it in my post about the Zoodiacs Afghan by 1DogWoof*.


OK, the reveal: I will be making a Temperature Blanket!

Right now I am counting down the days until I can start my new project. Slowly the yarn I ordered is being delivered and I like what I am seeing. I am glad the colours I picked seem to go together perfectly. It’s always a little tricky when ordering yarn online, whether the yarn pictured will look the same way in real life.


*1DogWoof or ChiWei is an awesome crochet and knit designer, you can find ChiWei on Instagram and her website.

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